Our Current Plans and Events

 Each and every workout here at Wendy's Club FIT combines elements of High Intensity Interval Training, Exercise Stacking™ as well as Active Rest periods giving you the best  possible workouts and twice the fat burning effect of any other exercise program! Best of all each and every training session is high energy and coached by our certified personal training team to keep you accountable, motivated, and on track for your fitness goals.   

Month to Month*

The mo-mo is great for anyone who only want a month or two of workouts.

$20.00 registration fee.

This membership is on a month to month basis. See terms below.

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Our Six Month Plan*

6 mos membership 107.00 per month paid in full at 682.00 (includes 

$20.00 registration fee).  See terms below. 

Our paid in full option gets you our awesome workouts, nutrition and all the extras at a discounted rate of $107 instead of the 149/month rate. Making your workouts approx $6 a class! WOW! How's that for awesome!

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12 Month Plans (Best Deal)*


$20 registration fee.  See terms below. 

Unlimited classes, nutrition guidance and all motivation and support you need to get fit.

$97 month contract. AND get a 13 month FREE if you pay in full! That makes your monthly around $79!

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Online Weight Loss

Blast that Belly in only 18-Days

For More Info click here:

Our 3 Phase process will walk you through the process easily. Includes grocery guide, a quick start program where you'll lose up to 20 pounds and 3-5 inches off your waist in 18 days.

**Continue your transformation with the 4 week extension program (See link below): Intro to carbohydrates. Learn what and when to eat them. Our carb cycling program where you'll lose even more, followed by our clean eating phase. Learn to eat for life and NOT gain weight!

AND, you get ME! Yep. You'll have access to a coach for any questions you may have. You won't be alone in your journey.

We'll do a daily check-in for the 1st 18 days. Then a weekly thereafter, so you have all the support you need.

And the best part? You'll get me AND my secret to success nutrition plan for just $39.97.

Normally I'd charge a lot more for this program. But I want people to succeed and get to their goals this year. So I'm slashing the price to $39.97 to make it affordable for everyone.

*NOTE: You'll receive the plan within 24 hours of registering. So get started now and be a BETTER, HEALTHIER version of you.

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Online Weight Loss Extension

Blast that Belly in only 18-Days Online Weight Loss Extension


For more info click here:


Want more than the 18 days? Get our famous 18 Day program followed by our carb rotation program and we throw in an extra week! 8 weeks of online weight loss.

Lose 20+ pounds just by following our clean eating plan. You get:

The 18 Day Plan (lose up to 20 pounds in 18 days and 3-5 inches off your waist)
Our Quick start to the carb rotation plan
Our clean eating carb rotation
Daily check-ins
Before/After photos
Accountability with weigh ins and measurements
Nutritional Guidance throughout your journey. All for one low price.

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Online Weight Month to Month Accountability

So you've gone through your 18 Days and Extension but still need accountability with check-ins, nutritional guidance and measurements.  This is for you. For $15/mo you'll get me for all of this.   See terms below.

In the grocery store and don't know what an ingredient listed is, or if it's good/bad? Text me.

Feeling down and can't seem to get back into eating clean? Schedule a call with me, or email me...

This and so much more.

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Give the Gift of Fitness

We have Gift Cards in various ranges to fit all your fit-gift needs.

Get them a month, or get them a year. The choice is yours.

Enter your gift amount at checkout and we'll send your special loved one a card with a gift certificate for the amount you decide upon. A great gift for the holidays.

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MMA Gloves

Our classes involve MMA Conditioning and Kickboxing for cardio and strength. You'll be needing the correct gloves to protect your hands. Order your gloves here.

The Elite Spar MMA Gloves provide superior hand and sparring partner  protection in a compact MMA design. They are also great on the bag and  pads. The sleek compact design allows the closet thing to a competition  glove with the protection of a boxing glove  

Channel Wrist lock protection Fully segmented fingers Made of 100% leather Wrap Fit+ Closure Opens Fully for easy on/off design Padded Thumb Comes in Med, Lg or Xlg 


BUY Medium Gloves


buy large gloves


buy extra large gloves

Contract Agreement*

All of our training is Unlimited Small Group Training Sessions. Agreement & Automatic Credit Card/ Debit

Card Charge Authorization.

Wendy's Club FIT offers customers the opportunity to purchase the right to participate in unlimited training sessions without a gap in sessions. This allows customers ease of billing, continuous service and unlimited training sessions for the time period indicated. Wendy's Club Fit accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express

credit card/debit card payments to permit customers to pay for these unlimited training sessions by means of monthly or full payments. Our memberships all auto-renew unless a 30 day notice is given in writing. If the 30 day is not given, the next selected membership term will be charged. By registering, I agree to these terms.